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Reduce Your Risk for Colon Cancer
The gastroenterologists at Central Kentucky Digestive Health Center are committed to reducing your risk for colon cancer. Colonoscopy is the preferred method of screening for colorectal cancer because it allows physicians to look directly at the entire colon. And, it’s the only test where a biopsy or polyp removal can take place at the same time.

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Justin Case, M.D.


David A. McMenamin, M.D.


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Greg Reynolds, M.D.

Who’s At Risk?

  • Men and women over age 50
  • Anyone with a family history of colorectal polyps or cancer
  • People who have a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Anyone who has a diet high in fat and low in fiber
Kentucky ranks #4 in the U.S. for colon cancer deaths* – but if everyone age 50 or older had regular screening tests, the number of deaths from this cancer could be reduced significantly.

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*Based on 2006-2010 data from the National Vital Statistics System